This website was a long project in the making. Not that I spent a lot of time on perfecting this website but it was more of a learning process.

Like fool, I said “I will learn HTML, CSS and Javascript and make my website from scratch. At this point, I went and bought my domain name on namecheap. I was ready for it!

Just don’t do that.

I am generally quite busy so I never have time to give something a lot of hours in one go but I just do it little by little. If you are going to learn web development from scratch, you need a looot of time. Seriously.

So after learning all the basics of HTML and CSS, I was a bit lost. I had learn way much more to make something that looks nice. At the same time, I was busy with my master’s thesis aaand basically I stopped learning HTML and CSS to focus on my thesis.

When I came back to develop my website, I just didn’t have the willpower to continue learning HTML and CSS. Moreover, I had realized that I forgot most of it! So I started looking at other options. My flatmate was doing his website too and I thought he had learned all the HTML and CSS stuff but it turned out that he just jumped to Wordpress and was using templates…

I decided to do the same thing but boy was I wrong. I wasn’t into paying for a template like my flatmate did and all the free templates were so bad. Even worse, it is very annoying to change Wordpress templates. So I wasn’t able to take a free template and change it according to my taste.

However, I didn’t know of any other methods. I googled for website IDEs and what not but none were good or free. At that point, I had accepted my faith and was about to go for a paid template. But in the end someone saved me…

A friend of mine asked me how I was doing my website and nearly laughed when I said I was using wordpress. He didn’t understand why I would use Wordpress for a static website. In my head I was like “What is a static website”. For those who have the same question in their heads, a static website is a website that is the same for every user who visits your website. For example, in Facebook you don’t have the same feed as everyone. In those websites, there are databases that store user information and generate the website accordingly. To use Wordpress, I also had to install databases to store my website information but in the end it was generating a static website. Simply, an overengineered solution.

Then he introduced me to Jekyll and I got super happy! Basically, it is a static website generator that uses markdown and config files to generate your website. It has templates like Wordpress but they are far easier to modify since in the end, it uses CSS for styling and HTML for formatting. So if you have even a little bit of knowledge of both, you can nearly master using it!

So this little story comes to an end since I am using Jekyll to create this website. I am using the Monday theme I found from a Jekyll template website. I have modified it a little and also mixed it with a resume template. So the “RESUME” page of my website uses another template and I simply link it to my original website. They have the same color palette, so they work well together.

Feel free to leave some comments below, I will be happy to interact with you!